GitHub Issues Bot for MI-PYT in FIT CTU in Prague. The program has two modes: console and web app. In console mode it labels issues (checks new one with the specified frequency) in the given repository by the issues itself and their comments, and in web mode the program labels new opened issue as soon as possible (by webhook notification and so one by one).

Link to testpypi.

Link to Read The Docs.




Install package by typing the command:

python -m pip install --extra-index-url githubissuesbot

Running app

Then you may run the app by typing

python -m githubissuesbot or just githubissuesbot.

Type --help for command line manual.

Creating config files

Read how to generate configuration files by typing

python -m githubissuesbot genconf --help

or githubissuesbot genconf --help.

The app requires the following configuration files: auth.cfg (with GitHub personal access token), label.cfg (with available labels and the appropriate rules as regular expressions), secret.cfg (with webhook secret token) and web.cfg (web app uses it for reading info about other configuration files).

If you want to deploy this app on some host (tested on pythonanywhere), don’t forget to manually fix web_config_file value in on line 39.

Type --help for command line manual.

Running tests

You may run tests by typing python test.

You must have file ./tests/fixtures/auth.cfg.truetoken.test, if you want to rewrite betamax cassettes.


Go to package directory and type

pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

Then type the following command in order to generate documentation in HTML

cd docs && make html

And verify code and documentation consistency by typing

cd docs && make doctest

You can reindex package modules by typing from the package directory

python -m sphinx.apidoc -f -o docs githubissuesbot